CAFÉ WORLD Beverage Premixes

Café World :

Since last 10 years, Yoland Food and Beverages is endowing the best quality, flexible and handy semi-automatic table top hot beverage CAFÉ WORLD vending machines and premixes with variety of flavors offering you the perfect taste. Café World can offer a vending solution for any company. We have vending machines that cater for both the small medium enterprise companies (5 to 80 people) and large scale companies (80-1000+ employees). Our company also offers coin mechanism to take care of quantity of intake of beverages making sure you stay healthy. The coin mechanism can be attached with any model of our vending machines.

Café World gratifies its customers by offering inimitable beverage Vending Machines, Premixes and Services.

Vending Machines :

Café World manufactures 3 distinct series of vending machines- Model-Twin, D-Series and E-Series. Our machines are economical, robust, reliable, easy to maintain and offer low cost of ownership.


Beverage Premixes :

Café World has achieved the distinction in manufacturing and supplying of safe, hygienic and high quality beverage premixes for the consumers. Our premixes are prepared by choosing the best quality aroma herbs and ingredients.